Recently a customer reached out to us, because they were building a large shed on their property and needed an area of old oak trees cleared. This customer called just in the knick of time, because it’s best to address oak trees during the dormant season.

The dormant season (typically late fall to early spring) is the ideal time for pruning, clearing and taking preventive measures with oak trees, because the trees are less actively growing. The dormant season is ideal for a number of reasons.

1. Ease of Pruning: Without foliage to block your view, damaged or weak branches are highly visible and more easily accessible.

2. Mitigating Disease Spread: By clearing oak trees during the dormant season when pests that cause disease are inactive, the risk of transmission is significantly reduced.

Oak wilt is a devastating fungal disease that primarily affects oak trees. This disease disrupts the tree’s vascular system, impairing its ability to transport water and nutrients. As a result, affected trees experience wilting, discoloration of leaves, and eventually death.

Since this customer wanted a large space cleared, we wanted to make sure if any of the trees were diseased we were careful to contain the spread and safeguard healthy trees within the vicinity.

3. Promoting Tree Health: Dormancy is when trees are less vulnerable to stressors, so clearing during this time can minimize the potential for infection and enhance overall tree health.

4. Reducing Environmental Impact: With reduced foliage and wildlife activity during winter, there is less disruption to the habitats that exist all around us.

Timing is everything when it comes to tree care, but a little advanced planning can be the key to keeping your oak trees healthy and strong.